Our proven program provides the opportunity for Home Ownership by allowing individuals and families to move into a home they wish to purchase through a Lease Agreement. While our Tenant/Buyers make Lease Agreement and Purchase Option payments, they can be building credit and positioning themselves for a contract for deed or a traditional mortgage.

Our clients can receive credit repair counseling, make on-line payments, and enjoy a working relationship with knowledgeable, helpful professionals.

Lease2OwnAmerica™ pays property taxes and insurance while Tenant/Buyer is in the Lease Agreement.

We’re here for you.

Many individuals living in the U.S. do not qualify for a traditional mortgage loan (own their own home) for one reason or another. Traditional lenders turn down applicants daily due to citizenship status, poor credit or no credit, self-employment and a variety of other reasons.

Experience the difference.

Lease2OwnAmerica™ helps individuals and families own their home with a proven and popular program tested and perfected in Oklahoma, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Benefits to Tenant/Buyers within the Lease2OwnAmerica program:

► Lease2OwnAmerica™ pays for property taxes and insurance while Tenant/Buyer is in the Lease Agreement

► Lease2OwnAmerica’s monthly Lease Payments often match ‘rent prices’ in the same area

► Final Purchase Price of Tenant/Buyer’s home is comparable to home values in the same neighborhood

► Lease2OwnAmerica’s Option to Purchase payments never escalate (increase)

► Lease2OwnAmerica™ has adopted a user-friendly Credit Check with less regulation/rules than traditional financial institutions

► Lease2OwnAmerica™ Tenant/Buyers can qualify to own their own home in three to four years (average)

“Thank you, Lease2OwnAmerica! We have been paying rent for a long time but always dreamed of owning our own home. Your organization’s people are friendly and helpful…and the process is easy to understand. We are so happy to be on the path of home ownership through your program.” -Maria

Services Designed for you.

Lease2OwnAmerica™ qualifies applicants on simple terms with the intent of helping thousands of individuals living in the U.S. own their own homes.

Importantly, we find our program’s short-term Lease Payments near or below traditional rent expenses in any given area. The path of Home Ownership is not burdensome or difficult through our proven, transparent and affordable Lease-to-Own program.

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