The Lease2OwnAmerica™ Program

The Lease2OwnAmerica™ program provides individuals/families a proven, transparent and easy-to-understand path to Home Ownership through its Lease Option agreement.

Accepting 5% of agreed-upon Purchase Price in the program’s first Lease Option, the organization structures terms to help Home Owners achieve a 20% position (“trigger”) allowing them to a contract for deed within 36-48 months.

  • Lease2OwnAmerica™ never charges a penalty for early pay off
  • Lease2OwnAmerica™ operates in multiple states and complies with all statutes, laws, guidelines
  • Lease2OwnAmerica™ helps Tenant/Buyers build and/or restore credit
  • Lease2OwnAmerica™ agreement handles all taxes and insurance 
  • Lease2OwnAmerica™ has a 98% underwriting track record (favorable applicant approval process)

How it Works

Our 6 Easy Steps to Ownership

Step 1. Connect

Click Here for your 10 Second Pre-Approval. It’s simple and fast. What happens next is AWESOME!

Step 2. Apply

A Lease2OwnAmerica™ Specialist will contact you and get to know you, your family and your goals of Home Ownership. Prepare to meet your new best friend.

Step 3. Find

Find your Dream Home anywhere in the U.S. We will help you with understanding how much home you can afford.

Step 4. Sign

Sign your short term Lease Agreement (typically four years) as well as your Option to Purchase Agreement on your Dream Home.

Step 5. Make Payments

Make your monthly Lease payments. Make scheduled Option payments fulfilling agreement (typically 20% of the agreed upon home sales price). This places you in a position to convert to a traditional contract for deed and the purchase of your Dream Home!!!

Step 6. Become a Homeowner!

In three to four years, Lease2OwnAmerica™ helps the lease tenant become a homeowner. The new homeowner has a traditional mortgage – and the remaining 80% balance is financed over a 15 to 30-year period.


Explanatory Video

For a deeper explanation of Lease-to-Owning your home and the Lease2OwnAmerica™ program, download this FREE E-Book.

For a quick snapshot of Lease2OwnAmerica™ program compared to a conventional Home Purchase method, see Side by Side Comparison