Testimonies from happy Lease2OwnAmerica™ Tenants/Home Buyers

Published on September 26, 2019

Hundreds of happy Tenants/Home Buyers are raving about Lease2OwnAmerica’s proprietary and popular program. From Oklahoma to Tennessee to Kentucky, L2OA clients are in their dream home and making payments toward Home Ownership. Here’s what a few of them are saying…

Ana S.

“Marcella was so helpful and considerate. We wanted our own home (and to STOP RENTING!) and she made the process easy to understand, simple and convenient. We are very thankful.” 

Jaime M.

“Marcella was our Leasing Agent and helped us close a beautiful home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Not only is it affordable – we are on the way to Home Ownership and paying less than we were when renting our old home.” 

Calletano P.

“I would recommend to anyone the Lease2OwnAmerica program. Once my wife and I understood the program, we were completely comfortable with the affordable and structured plan (and liked not having to deal with banks and mortgage brokers). We love our new home and it is in a great neighborhood.”

Edith G.

“The Lease2OwnAmerica team is terrific to work with. All representatives made the home buying journey understandable and affordable. My family is very happy in our new home.”

Jorge G.

“Leave all the heavy lifting to The Lease2OwnAmerica team! The Pre-Agreement Worksheet is a terrific tool and we are in our new home based on friendly and professional assistance.”

Nancy J.

“Wow! Look at the smile on the face of our oldest son! HaHa. We are in a new home and near super schools thanks to the helpful Lease2OwnAmerica team!”

Roy C.

“I signed up for the program and got to renovate our new house. We love working with the Lease2OwnAmerica people. They have been flexible and helpful — we love being on the road to Home Ownership!”

Daisy P.

“”I love this program!” “The leasing agent, closing team and the customer relations rep at Lease2OwnAmerica have been super to work with. The program has us paying for monthly payments along with taxes and insurance – terrific!”

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