Marcella Martinez (Top Leasing Agent) and Carlos Ortiz (HOLA OK) has a visit at Lease2OwnAmerica Headquarters in Oklahoma City

Carlos: Hello Marcella. I know you are a great leader, Latino representative and community volunteer. What made you join Lease2OwnAmerica?

Marcella: I found Lease2OwnAmerica has a program which delivers the American Dream and Home Ownership to many individuals,  families, colleagues and co-workers who are currently stuck renting from landlords. 

Carlos: As many in our community wish to leave their unfavorable renting situation and move toward home ownership, what are the related challenges?

Marcella: Great question! We find many individuals living in the U.S. don’t trust the banking systems or they cannot receive a traditional mortgage loan (own their own home) for one reason or another. Traditional Banks turn down applicants daily due to lack of citizenship, poor credit or no credit, self-employment and a variety of other reasons.  

Carlos: So your organization uses different qualifying criteria?

Marcella: We have transacted more than 100 homes in Kentucky, Tennessee and Oklahoma and have only had one or two applicants not be approved. Our underwriting team cares more about family household income and has provisions for poor or low credit situations or ITIN status.  Lease2OwnAmerica is not a FDIC regulated business like banks and credit unions.   

Carlos: This is fantastic news. So Lease2OwnAmerica is an excellent path for home ownership seekers. How does it work?

Marcella: We make home buying easy, painless and straightforward. Families receive free consultation with a pre-agreement worksheet which outlines the entire program with full transparency.

Our proven program allows individuals to move into their home through a lease agreement.  While tenants make lease payments and purchase option payments, they build or restore credit and transition into a traditional home ownership mortgage.

Carlos: Marcella, I appreciate your program’s valued features. So what are the key benefits to the home buyer?

Marcella: I have listed a few benefits for you and your HOLA OK audience.

  • Lease2OwnAmerica’s monthly Lease Payments include tax and insurance
  • Lease2OwnAmerica’s monthly Lease Payments often match or are below ‘rent prices’ in the same area
  • Final purchase price of Tenant/Buyer’s home is comparable to other home comps in same neighborhood
  • Lease2OwnAmerica’s ‘Purchase Option’ payments are offered at zero interest (there is no escalating schedule)
  • Lease2OwnAmerica has user-friendly Credit Checks (meaning…many individuals are qualified despite short-term work history, transient residential records and/or misdemeanor criminal background)
  • Lease2OwnAmerica Tenants qualify to own their own home in three to four years (average)

Lease2OwnAmerica makes the entire process simple and straightforward for the Tenant/Future Buyer. We communicate payment reminders, help with credit scores and offer help through our centralized Assistant Center.

Carlos: These are tremendous benefits. So how does an interested patron get in touch with you?

Marcella: I love helping families and individuals own their home!

They can reach me by phone at (405) 444-5262, email me at [email protected], or Click Here to fill out a 10 Second no obligation pre-approval and in the comments type Marcella or you can come see me at our central location: 3431 N. MacArthur in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Carlos: Lease2OwnAmerica has been a valued advocate for new home buyers sponsor and we love seeing you at our community festivals, trade shows, pageants and expos. Thank you!

Marcella: Thank you Carlos. The feeling is mutual and we enjoy our partnership.